Ravenwood Creations

About Us

Discover our team's passion for creating innovative digital solutions. Learn more about our expertise and commitment to driving results for our clients.


Meet Our Team

Our team of talented web and software developers are passionate about creating innovative digital solutions that drive results for our clients.


Ray Thurman

Lead Developer

A seasoned software developer with 8 years of experience and a proud military veteran, Ray is passionate about all things tech and leads our development team with expertise and dedication.


Sheryl Thurman

UI/UX Designer

Sheryl is a highly skilled UI/UX professional with a keen eye for design and detail. As the creative force behind our user interfaces, she ensures that our products are not only functional but also visually appealing.


Rocky Bones

Project Manager

Our four-legged Project Manager, Rocky, is a full-blood Basset Hound known for causing mischief and the occasional project delay. Despite his playful antics, Rocky keeps our spirits high and our team united.

Our Tech Stack


Fast, modern, and powerful React framework.


Headless CMS with real-time collaboration.


Deployment platform for static sites and serverless functions.

Radix UI

An open source component library optimized for fast development.

Tailwind CSS

Utility-first CSS framework for rapid UI development.


A developer-first error tracking and performance monitoring platform.